2009. november 22., vasárnap

Open Source and the Public Sector

The Danish Ministry of Science (National IT & Telecom Agency) has published 'Open Source Software and the Public Sector' in which principles for strategic use of open source software are outlined.

The publication describes how open source is dynamic and promotes innovation and competition.

"Open source software allows distribution and development of software on free terms. This allows IT-businesses to offer services in relation to software and to develop new IT-products. It also makes it easier for public authorities to collaborate on creating interoperable IT-systems.

Open source is a pragmatic tool which should be applied where it creates value. When it comes to software, it is not a question of either open source or closed source software."

The publication also presents various open source cases from the Danish public sector, describing how strategic use of open source promotes growth, can drive digitisation, supports integration and creates open and connected infrastructure.

Finally, a set of principles for the use of open source software provide a framework for strategic IT policy in public agencies.

Read and download 'Open Source Software and the Public Sector' (pdf)
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