2009. november 24., kedd

DE: “Open Content – Open Access” report

Open Content – Open Access. Freie Inhalte als Herausforderung für Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft und Politik The "Open Content – Open Access" report provides a detailed description of the status quo regarding open content and its potential for further development, and explains how the open content principle can be applied to the field of scientific publishing (open access). It particularly focuses on the situation in Baden-Württemberg, which boasts an important publishing industry.

The analysis is based on an in-depth desk research project to determine the present standing of open content as well as future trends. Extensive data, third-party studies, company information and press releases were evaluated for this purpose.

The research report also discusses legal issues, presents the challenges arising as a result of open content and summarises current market structures together with possible business models. The specific strategies adopted in the higher education sector to deal with open access are illustrated in a case study of Konstanz University library.

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