2009. november 9., hétfő

African Linux News Closed

closedTectonic has closed down but now there is a new home for the African open source community. Join us on OpenZA.

This is my final post on Tectonic. After more than nine years I have decided that it is time to close the site and move on to new projects.

This has not been an easy decision to make. Tectonic has been so much a part of my life for for that time that not doing it will leave a sizable gap. On the other hand, Tectonic has come under increasing pressure with other projects and work vying for attention. Because of that, keeping the site running is simply not viable and I no longer have the resources to make the sacrifices that in the past have kept the site running.

Through Tectonic I have met amazing people and made incredible friends. I have also been lucky enough to travel to interesting places and see the innovation and commitment of the free and open source community first hand. I started Tectonic because I was passionate about free and open source software and that passion for FOSS has not faded in the least over ten years, even if my ability to maintain Tectonic has been diminished.

Group effort

While I have run Tectonic from its inception I am not the only one who can be credited with its success. Over the years there have been many writers that have filled the site with news and views. Among these were also many volunteers who expected nothing in return for their knowledge. To Jason, James, Richard and everyone else who contributed time and effort, thank you.

One of the major supporters of Tectonic over the years has been Obsidian Systems without which the site may well have been shut down a lot earlier. Thank you to Muggie, Charles, Robin and everyone else that made this a lot easier than it ought to have been.

Over the years Tectonic also developed a strong relationship with many community organisations from user groups to advocacy groups which both provided information and prompted me to do more. There were also individuals that were consistent and unfaltering supporters offering insight and feedback at every turn. I can’t name everyone but I think you know who you are. Thank you.


“Closing” is not really the right word. Come August 1 Tectonic will not simply be switched off. I plan to maintain the existing site in an archived form for as long as is reasonable so that the information remains available.

I will not, however, be posting new articles on the site from today and from the end of July I will disable the comments and discussion areas on the site. I have considered various options for extending Tectonic’s life without my input. Depending on resources these may or may not happen, but I am not promising.

On a personal level I have many new plans and opportunities that I am excited about pursuing, many of which naturally involve free and open source software. As these plans take shape I will write about them on my, until now largely ignored, personal blog: http://www.alastairotter.com. Drop by and keep in touch.

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