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State American blacklisted because OpenSource policy

The movement of a lobby group in the United States get a sneer. The problem is, countries with policies such as Indonesia Open Source just want to be included in a 'black list'.

The lobby was done by the International Intellectual Property Association (IIPA), a lobbying organization that brings digital media company's interests such as software, films and music. IIPA said to have filed a recommendation that Indonesia, India and Brazil entered into a 'black list'.

List mentioned is Priority Watch List of the United States Trade Office (USTO). The countries included in this list are considered as the country does not respect intellectual property rights. U.S. can choose to investigate that country and take action, including trade restrictions and so forth.

Well, that was the problem, the IIPA said efforts to lobby the government in implementing the Open Source policy as one of the reasons that countries eligible in 'black list' is. Countries listed (Indonesia, Brazil, Philippines or Thailand) does have a policy that supports Open Source.

What IIPA said about Indonesia? Here is an excerpt IIPA submitted a document on USTO.

From page 79: In March 2009, the Ministry of State Apparatus Empowerment (MenPAN) issued a circular letter No. 1st year 2009 to all central and local governments, including state enterprises, to support the use and adoption of Open Source software in government agencies. Although the government (Indonesia-ed) to make this letter in order to 'reduce copyright infringement of software', in fact, by rejecting the choice of technology, this effort will increase trade barriers and prevent software companies to enter the market fairly.

Then, on page 80, IIPA even suggested that the Indonesian government to cancel the letter: IIPA requested that the Indonesian government take the following actions, which will provide short-term commercial benefit most significant for copyright industries: ... circulars cancel MenPAN March 2009 that supports the use and adoption of Open Source software.

Activists criticized Open Source

IIPA step is getting criticism from various parties. These include the Association of Open Source Indonesia (AOSI) IIPA recommended that spare capacity as a powerful lobby group.

"IIPA has tried to block the efforts the Government of Indonesia that it wants to respect Intellectual Property Rights to encourage the use of Open Source lnak device to replace pirated software," the statement calls received AOSI detikINET, Friday (19/3/2010).

AOSI also expressed agreement with the Open Source Initiative (OSI) which says that action is more IIPA based on specific interests, and fear of innovation and new business models with the development of open source software in Indonesia. AOSI also agreed with the Open Source For America (OSFA) which is expressly condemned the attitude IIPA and IIPA calls such actions irresponsible and misleading.

"AOSI utilization calls for Open Source Software (OSS) is still encouraged, because by suggesting the use of OSS, the Government of Indonesia did not the other is trying to respect the Intellectual Property Rights by not plowing and establish self-reliance in the field of ICT, with no close competition with the others, although Indonesia IIPA has been cornered by stating that the use of OSS does not encourage innovation and have the opportunity to close certain parties to compete, "the statement AOSI call.

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